BODY POSITION ! ! Not everyone has an hourglass figure or a size 2 bod so find what works for you.

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Contrapposto (google it)
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Move your hip(s) towards the camera for a great waist or defined booty.
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Straighten ur back, pop out ur shoulder(s), and lean in for nicer tits.
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If you get awkward when posing movement can bring life back to photos.
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Candid shots.
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Sitting on your thighs can make them look thicker...
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but freeing them will give you new curves. Pick your poison.
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Crossing your legs gives you hips /
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Putting one leg in front of the other gives you shape.
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Play with your food. Make the food the focus and try different expressions and directions you can turn your face.
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Similar to food work with props. Great examples of how to pose for these shots can be found in advertising where the model is the accessory to the product.
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Pet your pet. Pets are unpredictable so just interact with them.
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For party shots bounce ideas around with your friends. Jump off things, get spicy, be silly.
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3/4 shot. This is the sweet spot where you look the thinest. For curvier girls take advantage of your booty and take the shot from behind.
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Take shots from bellow to look taller, and from above to look shorter.

THE FACE: If your not happy with your face, what your body is doing wont matter...

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Turn your face straight on to the camera, but point your eyes to the direction your mind is going.
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Over the shoulder. This shot does the hips thing and gives a peek of the face.
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Or remove the face from the equation.
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Hands on face. (90% of the time it looks un-natural so it will take practice.) Give the hand a reason to be there: Try pinching cheeks or holding something like a lollipop.
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Deep eye contact is HOT.
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Mirror selfies are so great because you see what your face is doing.
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Don't let everything else distract you from your facial expressions,
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and the direction you turn your head. The way you point your head is so important as it deeply ties in with your body position!

When your taking photos pause for a sec and mentally look at what you are doing and adjust yourself accordingly.
Getting nervous in front of the camera isn't getting you anywhere. Stop being afraid of embarrassing yourself and try.