Day 3: What are your top three pet peeves

1. People who lies to me

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Cliche and obvious, I know. But I really hate it when someone lies to me. It's better to tell me right away, in front of my face, rather than sweet talk in front of me but judge me behind my back.

2. People that are abusive towards animals

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Especially towards dogs. Sometimes, I feel like dogs are more precious than humans. They deserve everything in this world.

3. People that are too cheap

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Cheap as in not saving money. But just cheap. It triggers me so much, seeing someone starving and not eating for the whole day just because they want to save money, when they actually have enough money to eat, but they just don't want to spend it. Also, people who said that they don't have money but when someone decided to treat them, they took advantage of it. That's my definition of being cheap.

I'm sorry if any of my pet peeves are triggering anyone. It's my own opinion and pet peeves. I hope you guys like it and it would be cool if you also join the 30 days writing challenge with me. Have a nice day!

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