bonjour hearters!
welcome to another article of mine.

inspired by:

1) do you sleep with your closet doors open or closed?

door, white, and aesthetic image blue, neon, and door image

2) do you have freckles?

freckles, girl, and smile image girl, freckles, and beauty image
i wish i did!! i consider them a work of art.

3) what is your song of the week?

music, vintage, and indie image vintage, music, and vinyl image
flume - bon iver

4) a movie you have seen recently that you disliked?

christmas, film, and grinch image christmas, grinch, and film image
the grinch (2018).

5) do you still watch cartoons?

Image removed cartoon, powerpuff girls, and pink image
sometimes with my little sister.

6) what is your favourite food?

food, pizza, and heart image pizza, girl, and food image

7) what movies could you watch forever and still love?

coraline and mood image coraline image actors, child, and hermione image harry potter, hermione granger, and ron weasley image cate blanchett, frodo, and LOTR image hobbit image
coraline (2009), the harry potter series and the lord of the rings series.

8) what time do you go to bed?

bedroom, cozy, and design image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
it's summer holidays for me and i go to bed at like 5 or 6 am which is a very bad and unhealthy habit i have lmao.

9) do you have magazine subscriptions?


10) are you afraid of heights?

summer, friends, and travel image dreamy, bridge, and buildings image
yes!! i am super afraid of heights, i actually have acrophobia.

11) jobs i wanted as a kid?

Taylor Swift image aesthetic, flight attendant, and girl image
to be a singer or a pilot.

12) ever had a déjà vu moment?

aesthetic, grunge, and movie image aesthetic, grunge, and movie image

13) can you curl your tongue?


14) tea or coffee?

book, tea, and sadness image book, coffee, and sherlock holmes image
tea because coffee makes your teeth yellow.

15) can you hold your breath without holding your nose?


thank you for reading hearters, i know it was short but it's because i'm coming with lots more articles. have a wonderful day! <3

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