Hi! Well this is my first article ever, and writing this is kinda weird tbh. Anyways, I decided to give it a shot and I hope it turns out decent. Ok that's already a lot of text so these are the things that make me happy :)

watching the sunset

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if you are feeling stressed or blue, taking a time out and sitting by the window to appreciate the sky is the best you could do.

going on a walk

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it gives you time to figure things out and breathe. Try not to do it in the city, but instead close to nature.

find a hobby

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Do something you're passionate about. While doing whatever it is, your mind shuts down and your problems go away. You also feel accomplished since you're not wasting time but spending it on something you love.

dance to your favorite song

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Music has a very big impact on your mood so choose a happy and energetic song that makes you jump and scream the lyrics.

spend time with friends

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you can do all this by yourself, but spending time with friends and the ones you love is probably what you need. Surrounding yourself with uplifting and happy people can definitely change your mood for better.

I guess that's it, I mean there are lots of other ways to find happiness but I guess these are the ones I find more helpful and important. bye guys :)