It's not even summer for me in Australia, but for my girls where it is here's a fun summer playlist. Btw, so jealous, I wish it was summer right now!

Here's the link: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/3j78jHGZ3LZihSOy1wj4lh?si=bO6_gg4FTS-DuMiestn6vg

beach, lifestyle, and ocean image girl, summer, and beach image
Find U Again - Mark Ronson, Camila Cabello
tattoo, beach, and woman image vogue and tropical image
Girlfriend - Bea Miller
love, couple, and kiss image couple, love, and beach image
Just A Boy - Olivia O'Brien
green and outfit image girl, green, and tropical image
Call Me!!! - Olivia O'Brien
green, bathtub, and photography image green, swimwear, and water image
Con Altura - Rosalía, J Balvin
green, love, and jungle image friends, summer, and fun image
Truth Hurts - Lizzo
summer, girl, and beach image beach, blue, and travel image
Stole Your Car - Charlotte Lawerence
girl, sky, and grunge image beach, girl, and summer image
Mad Love - Mabel
grunge, young, and friends image friends, sky, and sunset image
Aute Cuture - Rosalía
beach, sea, and sky image aesthetic, beautiful, and heaven image
You Need To Calm Down - Taylor Swift

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Georgia xx