sweet memories of childhood,
came to me like a soft breeze,
memories that bought a smile to my lips,
memories that tickle and tease.

long forgotten moments...
of times when we were young and brash,
buried deeply in the folds of time,
surfaced to consciousness like a flash.

innocence was our hallmark,
and freshness clothed our skin,
no cares, no worries, that life consists of,
just love from our kith and kin.

giggly moments of awareness,
first stirrings of love and romance,
revelling in being young women,
as life led us a soulful dance

warm love and care of our parents,
a longing for mothers food,
relaxing and chilling in our familiar room,
just being at home felt so good.

nurtured and nourished so lovingly,
we're mothers now, all old friends,
life has taught us well and truly,
as we travelled the climbs and bends.

their have been highs and lows too,
but we have withstood the trials well,
as we put in practise what we learnt,
that only time will truly tell.

but nothing can erase the happy moments,
that lift our spirits like a fragrant breeze,
these are memories imprinted forever,
only in death will they ever cease.

ah childhood...we were so lucky,
to have so much love and care,
such loving parents to guide us,
as we for life prepare.

Arti Chopra