Name: Bella Walker


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Long black hair, brown eyes, skinny, medium height


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Bella's faculty is journalism and literature. She likes read books (she can live there), also she have short passages of her books and dream one day finish one of them and release it. She often from night till morning sittin in laptop and trying finish her book or searching something for inspiration. Also she is coffeelover and can't live without it.


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Bella is sister of Dylan Walker

They have really warm brother-sister realitionship. Bella always show him her support and love.


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Ava is her BFF. They help each other with projects which connected with web-site. Bella write articles in Ava's site about her fashion trends. Ava help Bella to pick an outfit for events.

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They were friends cause Bella is BFF of his girlfriend. They both care about Ava and he respect Bella for her loyalty. Nolan and Bella had pretty good relationship.

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She also friend with two girls: Chloe and Nikki

Chloe her rommate in campus and Nikki her groupmate.


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She had big crush on Zach, but for him she is just friend (Bella and Zach were friends before Ava started to communicate with him)

To be continued...