"Seeing you exist is enough for me."

Hi guys so this is my first time writing an article because I really had no inspiration to write and well I am a shy person, but I saw this 30 days writing challenge in We heart it and I said why not try it? So here it is day one of thirty.

List ten things that make you really happy

1. Family

belleza, Animales, and león image Image by ✰𝓮𝓶𝔃✰

Well for starters family makes me happy, because whenever i'm in a bad mood or I feel drained and down from school, they would say something to encourage me and they always motivate me to do better and not to force myself too much. I remember this one time when my mom brought me to school one morning I started crying to her because I had a 3.6 grade in biochemistry and here in philippines its lower than 75, i was afraid that she was gonna scream at me for having such a low grade but no, she actully told me that 'Its okay, school isn't done yet you can still do it. But don't push yourself to the limits, we can't do anything if our brain can only take as much.'

2. Adventure

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Somewhere no one knows my name

I love trying new things that I would never usually try before, I have a love hate relationship with change at first, even now but its never as bad as before that I would be a killjoy in everything, now I like to join in events, although I still get anxious but its cool now. I feel good once I've achieve something and cross it out of my bucket list.

3. Dance

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Dance as long as you please

It has recently came to my attention that I miss dancing, and that whenever I do it I just feel happy, like all the sour mood the hours before doesn't matter. I remember when I was little my mom would take me to ballet classes with my eldest sister and even though i'm all red and tired I still had the energy, I only really stopped because i accidentally twisted my knee. But now i'm slowly starting to get back to it.

4. Food 😍

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Who would go wrong with food?

This explains my weight, I love food. I mean who doesn't? If we were friends and classmates, you would get used to seeing me with food every minute (not kidding) like after lunch i would buy another food to munch on.

5. Designing

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Each stroke of pencil creates a masterpiece

I love designing, it varies from architectural designing or fashion designing. Whenever I feel bored the inspiration roots from that, or whenever i'm in the middle of class, that's why I made it to a point that i bring sketch book with me around so whenever inspiration strikes I just draw it down.

6. Reading

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I like reading a lot, especially when the plot of the story is so nice I couldn't stop reading it, I would move my phone far away from me and lock my room so no one could disturb me while I'm reading.

7. Iced Coffee

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Iced Coffee + Hot Donuts + Netflix = Chill

I'm so obsessed with this drink right now, hot coffee is nice but iced cofee all the wayyyyy.

8. Memes

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Share memes

I don't know why but it makes me laugh really hard, especially those ones that are relatable.

9. Writing

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The bullets of our love, grazed us with cold air in this dry desert

I love writing a lot as I said but nothing that is published (by me), I actually wrote one poem and I told my sister to post it as anonymous in their departmental school paper, yeah I don't post my own works I ask others to do it instead because I was overpowered by shyness.

10. Korean Dramas

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I'm a sucker for you

Okay I admit i'm a sucker for korean dramas, I mean dude they make the best dramas, you can't even predict what's gonna happen next, the twist and turns of the drama, it makes you cry, laugh and on the edge of your seat every minute of the show.

Okay so here's day one of thirty, I don't even know if I did it right or not but I'm out here trying haha.