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So today I will be talking all about the benefits of honey. This golden syrup is more than just sweet and delicious. So let us jump into the benefits;

1.High in antioxidants

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2.Promotes burn and wound healing and also fights acne

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3.Helps fight inflammation

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4.Antifungal and antibacterial properties

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5.Soothes a sore throat

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6.Aid heart health

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7.Better for you than sugar as a food sweetener

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Three ways you can use honey:

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1. Add to hot beverages and smoothies instead of sugar. I personally love it with Golden milk( which is turmeric milk- this is a highly beneficial drink, will do an article on it soon).

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2. Apply to your face as a face mask. It really helps with my acne. I apply a dab of it overnight on any pimple that decides it wants to form on my face and in the morning there is a noticeable difference. A quick tip- Add a plaster over the pimple so that the honey doesn't transfer all over your pillow( learned this one the hard way : p )If you want to boost its healing properties add some nutmeg to a spoonful of honey and mix, then apply on any pimple or all over your face for a glowy complexion.

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3. Add to bland foods like plain oats and plain yogurt to spice things up. I personally love to add some to fruit as well, especially when I make my favorite snack, the banana rice cake- I have an article on how to do this if you are interested.

I hope this article made you realize how amazing honey is and you are excited to add more honey to your diet and beauty routine.

Talk to you all soon on Saturday for an article all about how to beat dehydration.