Name: Anais Margoth Vonsweetz
Age: 28


Anais originally from a small planet named Pandora, where some of the people have powers and some don't. Anais were born with powers cause both of her parents have power. One day Thanos ambush the planet, both of Anais parents were killed, this made Anais broken and want to get her revenge on Thanos. She search for Thanos among the universe, once she landed on earth Steve Rogers found her looking so angry yet confused and sad. Steve brought her to the avenger tower. Anais tell him about where she came from and her revenge on Thanos.


girl, beautiful, and blue image hair image chic, statement, and alternative image fashion and autumn image
blue eyes, blonde hair, and edgy style


fire, water, and air image amazing, astronomy, and beautiful image earth image magic and witch image
she can bend all of the elements

Best friend

Inspiring Image on We Heart It actress, Avengers, and black widow image
wanda maximoff and natasha romanoff

Love interest

sebastian stan, Marvel, and boy image old, soldado invernal, and capitain america image sebastian stan, Marvel, and winter soldier image sebastian stan, Marvel, and winter soldier image
theres something inside bucky that made Anais fall for him