- Nudes colors

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personally I find the nude colors very refined and elegant, both in clothes and in simple t-shirts. I would like to add more garments of this color to my wardrobe.

- Skirts

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I especially love skirts worn with a sweater put inside or with a body. I'd like to wear them more often.

- Dresses

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Longs, shorts, flutterings, elegants or more informals. The clothes are very comfortable and very feminine.

- Tops

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Shorts tops look good with everything. With shorts, high-waisted jeans or high-waisted skirts. It's very easy to combine them and they make the outfit more elegant.

- Lace details

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Personally I think that lace details give an extra refined touch.

- Earrings and necklaces

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In particular I really love hoops earrings, neacklaces gold effect and chockers.