I've been seeing so many "if I were a boy" articles popping up on this website, so I wondered: what if I were a girl? How would things change?

Thinking about it, I would act so so differently. I've always been pretty feminine and I think that if no one had ever called me names or bullied me I would be much more confident. The only way they wouldn't have called me names would have been not being boy.

✧ the basics

name - Françoise
birthday - December 19th
zodiac - sagittarius
height - 5′8

✧ appearance

I always wonder, when I read this type of articles, how different users decide what they'd look like as the opposite gender. I think that I'd just have similar, yet softer, features.
girl, aesthetic, and blonde image Image by QrraGt
blonde, hazel eyes, innocent, either no make up or extremely dramatic make up, plum lips

✧ style

Even though I'm a boy, clothes are so so important to me because they are one of the many ways that I have to express myself.
  • daytime
fashion, outfit, and aesthetic image aesthetic, beauty, and yellow image pink, yellow, and aesthetic image blue, fashion, and pastel image green, outfit, and fashion image fashion, outfit, and clothes image
super colourful, confident, tight dresses, rainbow, soft girl, bold, literally one of those instagram e-girls, unapologetic, attention-seeking
  • parties / hanging out at night / dates
Image removed aesthetic, grunge, and outfit image makeup, aesthetic, and alternative image alternative, beauty, and black image black and white, body, and closet image Abusive image
partying, crying at night, going out with friends and staying up until sunrise, literally your dream big titties goth girl, dark make up, glitters, showing a lot of skin, faux leather

✧ scent

anime, gif, and cigarette image gucci, flowers, and perfume image
gucci bloom - do not smoke kids

✧ personality

If i were a girl i would do so many things that currently are out of my comfort zone
sarcasm image love, quotes, and love yourself image quotes and love image Image by 🙊
sarcastic, faking confidence until she actually becomes confident, hopeless romantic, flirty

✧ hobbies

beige, blonde, and camera image books, window, and iloveit image
reading, film photography, hanging out with random people who she barely even knows, clubbing, painting, drama club

✧ occupation

book, girl, and library image girl, chanel, and juul image
helps out at her local library and takes pictures at some parties

✧ dreams

wallpaper, quotes, and cactus image aesthetic, vintage, and 90s image
she doesn't know what she wants to do with her life yet, she's still figuring out who she is

✧ dream boyfriend

Image by ほし☆ body, boy, and sex image boy, smile, and tumblr image blond, guy, and boys image
the thing she wants most is feeling safe, protected. Her perfect date would be tall, road shoulders, athletic and hopelessly romantic. He would have to have similar music tastes and listen to her. She's also oddly into nerdy guys.

✧ dislikes

aesthetic, burn, and fire image aesthetic image 90s, alternative, and indie image king, peasant, and me image
cooking, people who take jokes way too far, fuck boys, narcissists, ignorance

✧ instagram feed I - @/aestheticfrancoise

I have always had a lot of different instagram account sfor different feeds because i've always loved photography.
food, breakfast, and coffee image 90's, accessories, and aesthetic image manicure and nails image girl, aesthetic, and blonde image couple, love, and hands image accessories, aesthetic, and alternative image

✧ instagram feed II - @/gothgffrancoise

alternative, indie, and spring image png, softcore, and transparent image aesthetic, alternative, and black image Abusive image love, grunge, and aesthetic image black, girl, and outfit image

✧ instagram feed III - @/xoxofrancoise

fashion, aesthetic, and green image fairy, flowers, and pink image Inspiring Image on We Heart It fashion, style, and aesthetic image pink, car, and aesthetic image nails, rainbow, and colors image

✧ playlist

  • carmen, lana del rey
  • if i killed someone for you, alec benjamin
  • ptsd, dying in designer
  • slow dancing in the dark, jojo
  • supercut, lorde

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I hope you enjoyed this article as much as I enjoyed writing it!
*info about me:*
Hi! My name is Caleb and I am an Italian
teen who loves writing and taking pictures.
I was born December 19th 2003 and I've
always had an interest in books. ✧˚ *⋆✵
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here's my instagram account (I read dms more often)

xoxo, remember to smile