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For some people travel preparations go so smoothly that I'm deeply jealous because I'm (sometimes) a chaotic person, who starts getting things ready and after a while I feel overwhelmed...and not surprisingly... I forget half of the things and stuff that I wanted to take with me.

To avoid such painful and sad tears that you cry deeply inside of you without showing it to anybody cause, to be honest, what is going to be your reply?!
I'm sorry but I forgot to take my eye cream that is made especially for those type of beaches. I mean who is going to understand this dramatic moment?
No one....the answer is going to be " can buy a new one there, I don't know why you are freaking out?!"

After going through a couple of dramatic events, I decided to create a To-Do - List to make my life easier and my vacation perfect.

let the countdown begins:

7 days before:

Get informed about the flight timings, check-in opening date, and the packaging limits.

I highly recommend to set an alarm on your phone for the check-in, cause let just be clear.....Nobody.....Nobody wants to sit next to a total stranger, while your traveling partner (in my case, my Boyfriend) is far away. So check in early, and

  • save those seating places before it is too late!

There isn't too much to say about baggage limits...One word should explain it all: I am a woman, and yeah you understand.

Summer Sale equals new vacation outfits
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During this time, almost every year, summer sale starts, not only on shorts, shirts, and a beautiful dress but also swimwear!!

Take the advantage, use this chance, to get yourself new summery outfits, a couple of new swimwears, cause we all like to have something new on for this special vacation, right!?

  • But....remember your luggage limitation! and that you might treat yourself with something from where ever you are going don't shop too much.

4 Days before:

Write down a "travel bag" shopping list.

Checking and making sure that you are fully covered with your skincare products, makeup supply, SUN CREAM, etc. is very important. Trust me...from my own messy experiences (NO DEO), you won't regret it.

Holiday outfits
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Plan your outfits ahead of time and put them on a side, so you won't use them and get them dirty. Like this, you can start digging down your legendary chair and look for the clothes that you would like to take with you and do the laundry. Cause nobody wants to start looking for a certain piece of clothes and then you find out that it's dirty.

It ain't a nice feeling!

  • moto: Pack, close and Leave!
Eat everything in your fridge and buy only the necessary things!!!
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Out of my old experience, which I had to face after a long getting home and noticing that my fridge was smelling bad because one day they cut down the electricity and I wasn't there to do anything to save this moment. So I had to clean and disinfect my fridge instead of taking a shower and relaxing.

3-2 days before:

A Tidy Apartment

I like to come to a clean, cozy apartment after my vacation, cause who doesn't like that!

Usually, I start 2 days before the travel, to keep it as long as I can clean and tidy....since I have a cat (Milka) is kinda...hard not to have my Apt. looking like a jungle or a kitty cat daycare.

24 hours before:

Check-in, and print out all the important boarding passes, or get the Scan code on your phone.
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This small act can save you a lot of time at the airport.
How many unfortunate events can happen on the day of the flight?
not many, but enough to ruin your mood.

For example, if you choose to take the train instead of your car to the airport, and guess what?!
A football ball is laying on the train tracks and...when you least expected DELAY! and if you didn't check in on time and you decide to do it at the airport, then my prayers are there for you to get to your boarding time on TIME.

Handbag\luggage checklist
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I did this actually on my last flight to Barcelona, and It was very helpful.
I wrote actually everything down that I needed to have in either one of my bags, like this I'm sure I won't forget anything!

It is frustrating that once you get to your destination and start searching for something that you cant find, and then you remember that you forgot it on the top of your bed.

Morning of the flight
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*Cassandra calin/ The BIG day is here!!

The count down to head to the airport just started....and basically, now, you are just ready for the take-off.

So darlings....close your luggage, put your passport and battery power bank in your backpack and...

Bon Voyage!!