okay so this is gonna be a long list so stay with me pls... if you ever need a movie to watch, just read below <333

romance movies:

sixteen candles (1984)

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a must see 80's teen romance, why wouldn't you? ps jake ryan is a fitty <3

flipped (2010)

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such a cute movie! set in the 60's and is shown from two perspectives which is really cool.

the best of me (2014)

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storyline is actually killer, you'll go through all the feels in the one film!

the spectacular now (2013)

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suuuuuuuch an underated movie, i love the chemistry between these two :))

how to lose a guy in 10 days (2003)

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def a rom com vibe, a must see film, i've never seen matthew mcconaughey look this good!

no strings attached (2011)

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<333 this film is so real, with the two protagonists portrayed by amazing actors.

two night stand (2014)

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miles teller pulls this movie and it's a lil cliche but still cute as!

everything, everything (2017)

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def recommend reading the book before you watch this movie! makes the entire thing better, but if that's not ur vibe its okay still a great watch :)

the age of adaline (2015)

blake lively and the age of adaline image blake lively, gossip girl, and the age of adaline image
not only a romantic film but has such a clever plot line which makes you reconsider everything, be ready to cry a lil too...

me before you (2016)

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i don't even know if i can put this under a category as it's romantic and uplifting, but sad as well, one of the best movies i've ever seen

the proposal (2009)

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kill bill (2003)

kill bill, uma thurman, and movie image Chiaki Kuriyama, Gogo Yubari, and kill bill image
AMAZING! all of tarantino's movies are masterpieces and kill bill is no exception

nerve (2016)

nerve, emma roberts, and ian image nerve, dave franco, and emma roberts image
just an all round fun movie and why not look at dave franco for an hour and a half?

- django unchained

- the fast and the furious series
- the divergent series
- the hunger games series
- the maze runner series
- deadpool
- the dark night
- baby driver
- ocean's 11, 12 & 13
- the pirates of the caribbean series
- gone girl
- the star wars trilogy
- the wolf of wall street

- ferris beliers day off
- back to the future
- mrs doubt fire
- anything jim carrey; the truman show, liar liar, ace ventura, the mask, etc...
- elf
- we're the millers
- wild child

tragic movies

the perks of being a wallflower

dark, emma watson, and sad image the perks of being a wallflower, logan lerman, and movie image
'we accept the love we think we deserve'

- the boy in the striped pyjamas
- red dog
- the titanic
- the fault in our stars

feel good movies;
- whip it
- stick it
- remember the titans
- freaky friday
- home alone
- the goonies
- the princess and the frog
- she's the man
- the emperors new groove
- edward scissor hands
- clueless
- scott pilgrim vs the world

- annabelle
- the conjuring
- orphan
- truth or dare
- the call