As soon as you arrive at Howrah airport in Kolkata, the two things you will immediately acknowledge are the sultry humidity in the atmosphere and its magnificent architecture. But that’s what makes Kolkata so unique and alluring. Renowned for its colonial architecture, Durgo Pujo, and of course, the lovely Howrah Bridge, the city communicates a vibe of pre-colonial era.
Interestingly, Kolkata buzzes with unparalleled enthusiasm and cacophony. Unlike other metropolitan cities in India, you will not find sky high scrappers, shimmering malls or big corporate offices here. It is the pure rawness of the city which makes it so charming. Truth be told, the city is a tell-tale picture of its English-ruled history, which certainly reflects in its very fabric.

Though, there are many amazing <a href=""><b>places in Kolkata</b></a> but one architectural marvel that truly defines this city is the Howrah Bridge. Also famous by the name of Rabindra Setu, Howrah Bridge is stretched over the famous Hoogly river. Assembled over a time frame of 7 years, Howrah Bridge is much more than an architectural structure. It is a representative this city’s identity.
So, this time, if you have already booked a luxury hotel in Kolkata and all pepped-up to see the magnificent Howrah bridge, here are some interesting facts that you would like to know about it.

1#The bridge is actually a replacement
Replacing pontoon bridge constructed by Sir Bradford Leslie in 1874, the bridge was redesigned and decided to be replaced by a cantilever bridge. Constructed over the Hoogly river, it took seven years to assemble this bridge. The unique architecture of Howrah bridge took 18,500 tons of high-tension steel and approximately 26,000 tons of steel was used in its construction. One could indeed call it a steel marvel of its time.

2#Most strained cantilever bridge
Howrah bridge is one of the most strained cantilever bridges in the world. It was the third longest cantilever bridge when it was constructed. Now, it is counted as the sixth longest bridge worldwide. Interestingly, the bridge is designed in such a way that it is free of nuts and bolts. Yes! This bridge has absolutely zero nuts and bolts and still transports millions every year from Kolkata to Howrah since 1943!
3# Busiest bridge in the world
This bridge counts as the fourth busiest cantilever bridge in the world. It carries a daily traffic of 100,000 vehicles and approximately 150,000 pedestrians. Though, the bridge undergoes certain repairs every year but it is strong enough to handle so much pressure, even after so many years.

4# Extra-ordinary maintenance charges
The bridge connects two main cities—Kolkata and Howrah. Not only it handles so much pressure every single day but issues like bird droppings and human spitting causes erosion of its steel which results in a whooping annual expense of Rs.500000 to the Kolkata port trust every year. Recently it was repainted which charged an amount of 6.5 million and 26,500 liters of paint.
Rabindra Setu not only connects the two parts of the city, but is an identity symbol of the city too. If you are here, besides exploring the multicuisine restaurants in Kolkata, make sure you spare some time to know more about Howrah Bridge.