Hello! About a year ago I made an article about wanting new friends and i got a lot of messages from people all over the world and it was super fun. The thing is that the conversations were cut short and I don't talk to anyone anymore so I wanted to try this again.

I've changed a lot since last year so i'm going to make a new one.

My name is Ameni, i'm 18 years old and i live in Sweden.

Ya girl lives for sarcasm and memes, i just needed to throw that out there.


I listen to music way too much for my own good and lately I've been listening to swedish artists more and more but some of my all time favorite artists are:

Demi Lovato
Ariana Grande
Camila Cabello
Shawn Mendes
Chris Brown
Sam Smith


Not gonna lie I rewatch the same series and movies over and over again, I don't know why but I have a hard time watching new things. But here they are:

Modern Family
Young & Hungry

Mean Girls
White chicks

To be honest ya girl don't do nothing in her free time, too lazy. All i do is pretty much watch Youtube and scroll through Instagram and hang out with my family. I also love playing with my nephews.


I'm just gonna throw it out there, I am one of the realest people in the universe, I have never met a person who is as loyal and reliable as I am and that's sad. My whole life I have been surrounded by fake people and i tired of it!!!!

I'm brutally honest about everything and i do not hold back lol

This whole year I've been on a self-loving & accepting journey and it has been going great. I'm all about good energy, positivity and good vibes.

If you want to be friends message me :)

Also follow me on Instagram @Amenifathallah