Hey guys,

I haven't been OK with my body for such a long time now, and every time I've tried to do something with it, laziness has always won. Or sweets & coke. All of this stuff is my real enemy I have to fight every day. I am not able to control myself, my self-control is like... zero. I know, I know, the beginning is always hard, but this seems like mission impossible to me. So I hope this time, it will be different. Starting today. 24/07/2019. Somebody make a note!

I have three important steps to obey.

First of all, I have to STOP eating and drinking sweet sh**s. It makes me more tired than I actually am. I wanna start easy, so I am not gonna count every calorie. I just want to get rid of this really poisonous stuff.

Next, BETTER drinking habits. I am very bad at drinking water. To be honest, I drink about 500 ml per day when I am supposed to drink about 2 200 ml ( on my weight). I believe that my body will say me "thank you" soon. And what's more, it also helps you when losing weight. I read it somewhere.

And last but not least, I have to start moving. My lazy ass needs some exercise. I plan to exercise every day (for about 10 min). I also started some jumping lectures. It is really fun and it makes you sweat from minute one.

For steps 2 and 3, I downloaded some apps to my phone, and they're kinda helping me.. So the first one is sending me notifications when it's time to drink (every 93 mins!) and I can also see there how much water I've already drunk. The second one is called "30 days challenge" and there are exercises for every day, in different difficulty levels.

So starting 2day, I am gonna share with you guys if I was able to obey all three rules. My first task is to obey all three rules for 30 days, no exceptions.