I met you at a crystal shop
You asked for a ride
“Where are you heading to?” I asked
“A bus stop, im not from here so im kinda lost” you said
“Sorry but there isn’t one around here” I said while driving. “But im on the road so im pretty sure ill see one sooner or later” I said.
“ Thank you so much you’re a life saver you said. “Where are you headed to?” You asked
“ To be honest I dont know, im just riding letting the universe taking me to where it wants to take me” I said “same here except Im letting the bus take me anywhere she or he wants to take me” you said laughing
i laughed along with you.
You looked out the window
“Im sympathy by the way” I said
“ um right im tris sorry” you said.
We drove for almost two hours. Making conversation the entire time
“Yeah so were kindve in the middle of no where. It looks like you’re gonna be with me, if you dont mind. I make great company, if we see a bus stop ill take you to it I promise but it might me fun” I said, pulling into a gas station so I could get some gas and water.
“Sounds fun, im in”
We were on the road for seven hours, we had so much in common.
Both vegan, lost, in tuned with the universe, going with the flow not sure where life is taking us but excited for the journey.
We took pictures of the mountains and little cute shops, beautiful flowers. We even had someone take a picture of us by a beautiful flower shop.
We came across a river, the sun was setting and we sat there in silence, letting nature talk to us. We stayed like that for what seems a hour.
“Thank you for letting me be with you, this means more than you’ll ever know” you said while smiling.
“Youre welcome. But no thank you, you dont know how much I needed this” I said it Was true. It was the best time of my life.
we got back into the car and we got a motel and we finally charged our phones.
when I woke up you were gone. You left a note that had a crystal and flower on top
“Thank you for coming into my life when I needed you the most, your presence will forever be in my heart. I had to leave, know that I am safe and I am with someone. If the universe wants us to see each other again we will, but im pretty sure the universe brought us together and you will never be forgotten, I hope to see you again soon, we shall see - tris”

Where did you go tris? I hope to see you again soon. I hope what you were looking for has found you.