I saw that article and it was soooo good so I think now I will do mine.

Hope you will enjoy it.


chic, beautiful, and fashion image chic, beautiful, and fashion image fashion, outfit, and style image chic, beautiful, and fashion image
Sometimes I like to wear elegant clothes but most of the time I wear jeans with a T-shirt or a hoodie.

A color

flowers, nature, and sky image sky, pink, and purple image Inspiring Image on We Heart It beach and sunset image
All those warm colors you can see in a sunset. Maybe.

An animal

animal, dog, and puppy image Image by 🌹Rose🌹Rj Inspiring Image on We Heart It adventure, animals, and cool image
I love doggos. I love cats too but it's different.


food, chocolate, and sweet image delicious, dinner, and egg image delicious, food, and pasta image delicious, dinner, and food image
Finnaly! I really love food. And it would be hard to choose one that i could love to be. But Pasta and Chocolate are my favourites soooo...


book, black and white, and reading image girl, art, and painting image girl and run image athletes, jogger, and dark forest image


Image removed Image removed mine and quote image bubbles, blue, and photo image
I just try to enjoy life and be happy most of the time. Also I really love plants and nature. And I try to find my style.


aesthetic, alternative, and black image quotes, atticus, and poem image quotes, cool, and the simpsons image Image by Ibtissam C.
Funny,Optimist,But also the good kid in the family.

Dreams and goals

love, wedding, and couple image body, pink, and skin image chic, beautiful, and fashion image boy, heart, and me image
Find my soulmate, drop some kilos, find my style and be optimist forever.


book image Image removed Image removed autumn, books, and bookshelves image
I read so many books so it would be hard to tell which one I would be. But I think I would be a fantasy book with a happy ending. And a little love in it.


funny and ten things i hate about you image aesthetic, black and white, and Grudge image grease, movie, and Sandy image car, vintage, and aesthetic image
Something old but gold. ♥

TV shows

Image removed Nina Dobrev, tvd, and the vampire diaries image family guy and stewie image lisa, the simpsons, and simpsons image
Lucifer, The Vampire Diaries, Family guy, The simpsons


60's, classic, and soul image aesthetic, red, and vintage image art, artist, and beautiful image aesthetic, cassette, and music image
All the retro songs that you can sing and dance to it.


quotes, text, and life image quotes, sunshine, and people image goth and pink image Mature image

I hope you enjoyed this article. Have a good day!
Bianka. ♥