alone again,
just another day dedicated to love ones missed.
As I sit with an empty soul,
not sad,
not glad but pissed,
thinking back on happier times
when those who are gone hugged and kissed.
But they're gone and the world still turns.
I put up a bravado that I'm happy,
but really my heart yearns for those better days
trips to the beach and sun burns.
Family get-togethers
laughs and smile.
Food collecting on our plates in piles and piles.
But now all that piles up on my tears,
most out of heartache but some come from fears.
I could have hydrated an entire nation over the years.
Yet I mask them with smiles that are hollow
in hope that there will always be a better tomorrow.
But until then you will forever see is my bravado.

© Jesse Standridge

Published: February 2008