1. healthy coping mechanisms, they may not provide instant comfort but the more you use them they will help you feel slowly better and eventually give you long-lasting positive outcomes.

Healthy coping mechanisms usually involve improving yourself, your loved ones and your surroundings.

examples of healthy coping mechanisms include exercising, eating healthily, doing something creative like art or writing, keeping busy by reading or seeking professional help.

2. unhealthy coping mechanisms, they feel amazing in the moment, but you will feel worse afterwards and most likely become addicted or have harsh long-term negative consequences.

Unhealthy coping mechanisms usually involve destruction of yourself, loved ones and surroundings.

examples of unhealthy coping mechanisms include abusing drugs, alcohol, overeating, procrastination or oversleeping. It is also unhealthy to rely on anybody other than a professional therapist to make you feel better in any way (sexually, romantically or platonically) because it can put a huge amount of pressure on the person to save you and they could be an unreliable source of comfort.

3. no coping mechanisms - most people with mental illness who have no coping mechanisms struggle with intense suicidal tendencies, because they have nothing to relieve or distract themselves from the immense amount of emotional tension in their daily lives.

If you are suffering from a mental illness and are looking for a solution you should seek help from a professional psychologist, they have the ability to diagnose disorders or problems in their patients/clients, determine appropriate treatments based on clinical diagnoses and observations and above all they help their clients make decisions and clarify feelings. You can get an appointment with psych through asking your parents, school, or doctor for a reference.

Therapy helps clarify situations clouded by mental illness, whilst medication helps keep you stable and prevents relapses. So they are very different methods of dealing with mental illness and benefit you in different ways, so one cannot be better than another.