Self care is something that is more vital to one's emotional and physical well being than most people might think. In this article I will list my personal outlook on self care and tips for fitting it into a busy schedule.

.Self Care does not have to be extravagant or expensive

-Many think that self care requires booking vacations or buying nice clothing, which it can be, however it does not take a thick wallet or traveling to another country to love yourself properly. Self care can be as simple as giving yourself time to read the book you have been wanting to read, or taking a well deserved nap.

.Self Care is about doing things that make you happy NOT things that make others happy!!

-This may come off as selfish, but there are many beautiful hearted people who spend their time constantly caring about others so much that they forget to care for themselves. While this is extremely generous, at times you can feel that you don't spend enough time on yourself. Take the time to journal and think about the way you feel, or take a walk and give yourself time to yourself.

.Self Care is overlooked because it seems like an inconvenience, but it actually has been proven to promote physical health and mental health.

Here are some easy ways to start self care or fit self care into a daily or weekly schedule.

Run a bath

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Cook yourself a meal

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Read a book/journal

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Take a walk/hike

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Do a face mask

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Let yourself enjoy a sweet treat

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Let yourself rest (nap, movie, etc.)

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