(Sorry for the eventuals ortographicals errors but I'm italian).

1- London

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Whether with the sun or with the fog, I find London a very fascinating city and I absolutely want to visit it as soon as possible.

2- Bora Bora

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Bora Bora is a small piece of paradise, the sea is crystal clear and the general atmosphere is very relaxing. I imagine myself sitting on the sand to admiring the sunsets. I love tropical places.

3- Los Angeles

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I think visiting Los Angeles is everyone's dream. Do shopping, take long walks in the Hollywood hills and go to the Universal Studios.

4- Athens

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Beautiful and very interesting also from a historical point of view.

5- Paris

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One of the most romantic city in the world. I'm fascinating by her refined and elegant atmosphere. Ah...and macaroons are my favourite sweet.

6- Tokyo

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Japanese culture fascinates me a lot and which city if not Tokyo can represent it to the best? At night, completely illuminated, I imagine it is beautiful.

7- Barcelona

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I'm simply in love with this city. The Spanish language, food, people, everything is wonderful.

8- New York

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Is a dream of mine since I was very small. I am fascinated by everything of New York, the tall skyscrapers, the green spot of Central Park amid the gray of the city's buildings, the Niagara Falls, the statue of liberty... there are many many things to visit in this big city.

9- Cairo

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My best friend has Egyptian origins, and even if Egypt was already a place that interested me a lot, she gave me the desire to visit it. In general, the history of ancient Egypt intrigues me a lot and it would be nice to see everything in live.

10- Amsterdam

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With all her canals Amsterdam reminds me a lot Venice (that I have already visited because I am Italian). I simply find beautiful the colorfull houses along the canals, and I am a fan of Van Gogh, so I might not want to visit it?