When someone hears about "a journey of self-discovery", they envision a philosophical, purifying, enriching journey. But from person experience, its far, FAR from that. It's trialing, a journey filled with tears, screams, and laughs. Sometimes your don't want to keep going, sometimes you want to settle for less than just because you think it's the best you can do.

Some of us realize what type of person they are. They know their likes, interests, passions. These people are the ones ready to take on the world and start their life. For some of us, like me, it's a long, LONG journey. I knew passions, my desires, but I was always a girl of uncertainty. A girl of self-doubt. A girl so stubborn of getting things done my way or the high way. Because of this, I closed many doors and a lot of opportunities. My journey of self-discovery turned into a long, long quest. It's like I passed level, after level, after level and still I feel like I was getting know where.

I wasn't where others were at at my age...career started, married, kids, family. They all had it together but I didn't.

But as continued on this journey I saw that...that it was okay not to have things together. Why? Because we are human. We are each programmed and wired differently. Some of us discover ourselves at an early age and some of us need a little bit sense knocked into us. Some of us need to face these trials, to face these circumstances for us to discover our strength, to discover our sense of being.
Our lives are filled with tests and situations that shape us, mold us into the beings, the person we were meant to be. And if continue to close doors that could lead to great opportunities, then you're just adding another detour on your journey to self-discovery.

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Just because we don't have it figured out doesn't mean we need to give up. Stop looking at the successes and blessings of others and start focusing on making successes of you're own. Explore every passion set in your heart. Explore you're options.
It doesn't matter how long it takes....it's the adventure, the experiences that make it work it.