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Are you currently struggling with Summertime Sadness? Fight off the summertime blues by elevating your mood with these Summer Self-Care tips!

❤ Make homemade popsicles

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Indulge in the best summer treats: popsicles. But don't just settle for store-bought popsicles - make your own at home!

❤ Have a tech-free day

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Don't be glued to your phone all summer; detox from technology.

There are many fun summer activities you will miss out on if you are mindlessly scrolling through Instagram 24/7. Take a social media hiatus and Go outside, soak in the sun and find things new things to do.

You can read a book by the pool, go out and get ice cream or just watch the sunset with someone special!

❤ Go swimming

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Cool down, have fun and go swimming! bring a floaty with you to make your time at the beach or the pool even more fun.

❤ Go to a farmers market

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Wander around your local farmers market and gift yourself flowers or buy some fresh fruit you can later use to make a fruit salad!

❤ Buy a summery candle

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Add some warmth and heavenly aromas to your bedroom and buy summery candles that remind you of vanilla-bean afternoons and sunscreen-caked beach days !

Light up summer candles for cozy nights in, where bubble baths, face masks, a great playlist and a page-turning read (or for others, lots and lots of Netflix) are involved.

❤ Meditate outside

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Relax, refresh and recharge by meditating outside.

Meditating outdoors is great way to get in touch with nature. The feeling of having the air moving through your body; the sound of the waves crashing on the beach; the feeling of the sunrays on your skin - while you meditate will calm your soul.

❤ Go on a hike

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Summer is the best time to go outdoors and hike. Have an enjoyable hike; enjoy the clear skies and the breath-taking views!

❤ Declutter

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Summer is the perfect time to re-organize. Pick areas that need some deep cleaning - this could be your makeup collection, your closet or your entire bedroom. Spend a day during the weekend and refresh your space!

❤ Make a summer playlist

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Put together some summery tunes! Having a playlist dedicaed for this warm season will make you have a fun, memorable summer!

I recommend you add some pop rock to your summer playlist because that genre just brings in so much optimistic summer vibes!

Notes: There are two songs from a band called Day Glow that I have recently fallen in love with called Hot Rod & Can I call you tonight! these songs are a-m-a-z-i-n-g!!!!

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