If you were small and could live in any small container, what would you choose (bottle, light bulb, shoe, etc.) ?

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How many people would it take to completely fill your house with no extra space?

If you were a dog, what breed would you be?

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When you dream do your eyes move like you're looking around in your dream?

How many people would it take to lift the moon?

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Would you rather be able to float in a bubble or fly on a birds back?

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If you could be any character, but you had to solve their conflict differently from how they did it, who would you be?

What makes kids so irresistibly cute?

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Would you rather live in a massive wooden box or nice house made out of completely glass?

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If hair was naturally rainbow coloured what would your natural hair colour be?

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If humans could fly how high could we go?

Why is making eye contact so uncomfortable? Why only with certain people?

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Is there a number I've never seen on the clock?

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