Hi! I'm Daniels :)

I know, I know... There's more songs with Devil in it BUT this is just a few of the songs.

Enjoy it and i don't know maybe you gonna like this songs or you have already listened some of them.

Avril Lavigne

"I Fell In Love With The Devil"

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This kinda remember me to the Lucifer series.

Kristina Bazan

The Devil

They say love is an angel
Its wings make you fly
They say fear is the devil
When it stings you in the eyes
But why does love make me cry?
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If you're looking for some inspiration, her songs are the solution.


Devil Side

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I want you, but not for your devil side Not for your haunted life, just for you.


Devil In Me

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X Ambassadors

The Devil You Know

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Devils Dance

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