Name: Briar Visser
Age: 17
Birthday: August 3rd


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Kind, Honest, Quiet, Optimistic


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Long dark brown hair, green eyes, 5"4, curvy


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Simple, comfy and girly


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Grizz is your twin brother, you tell each other everything

Harry, Allie, or Lexie?


For or against guns?



You're on the committee. You're a very organised person, so you tend to do 'secretarial' work. You also like food so you help a lot in the kitchen and gardens


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Grizz is your brother and best friend. You have known Allie and Sam since you were little and you became friends with Becca when she became close with Sam.

Love Interest

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Harry. You'd had a crush on him throughout high-school. You helped him out of his depression and then you started dating.

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