In your own opinion, do people deserve second chances?

If you would’ve asked me that back in like sophomore year of high school, I would’ve said like “yeah! Anyone can change.”

Now as a sophomore in college, I have a different viewpoint on it. I do believe some people deserve second chances. Some people will change for the better and they will enhance your life. Others will act the same and hurt your life more than enhance it.

Example time... my first boyfriend. He was a good boyfriend and did well with spoiling me. He made me feel loved, but he did that to hide me from what he was doing behind my back. One night, I dropped him off at his house and some of his brother in laws friends were over. I was going to come in to say hi to his dog and siblings, but he got angry and told me no to just go home. It scared me and I listened. I confronted him about it. He had been helping out with his friends drug and gun dealing business. I told him I didn’t want him to be any part of that. If he wants me, he can’t do any of that. He agreed, but he lied. He still kept doing it.

Someone like that, to me, does not deserve a second chance. We were in a relationship and I told him how much it scared me and I hated it. Instead of not doing it because he loved me and wanted to be with me, he kept it from me even more.

Example of someone who does deserve a second chance... my second (and current) boyfriend. We dated for 6 or 7 months and he broke up with me. It fucking hurt like hell, but I grew from it. Looking back I know why it didn’t work. I connected with him again and we talked it out. We both knew why it didn’t work. He agreed to treat me how I deserve and that he wanted me to give him my time to show me that he can do everything he promised he would.

He deserved a second chance because he proved to me with words and actions that he would try his hardest be be the guy I need and want.

I do believe in second chances, but third chances are a no no in my book. Second chances are the only and last chance.