Hey, it's me.
The girl you don't know, but one day will.

I will become famous one day, you will see my name in the lights and on your screens , while you binge-watch all night.

I to have a Dream.

A dream to be the greatest Story-Teller of all time.

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Only behind the scenes.

My dreams are way too big for amateurs to handle

You may have already doubted me by the first sentence or two

But why hate when you can be big like me too? We have 1 life yes?

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So why plan so small? Why settle for less? Why stress about a test that will only take us so far but not the rest.

Why kill yourself, Instead heal yourself?

and lastly, why rethink your dream when the greatest, who was once like you only did one thing

and one thing only...

to have that dream and never give up.

and simply

Run With It.

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