Parte 5

🔱"She Wandered
Sweet love carrier
She takes no passenger"
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🔱 "The biggest lesson I've learn is to chill out and not worry about things that aren't that important"
Nick Jonas
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🔱 "I will never let a dark spot steal my spotling"
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🔱 When I saw you l feel in Love me though a lingering gaze and... That twinkle of adoration in you eyes💑
Richelee E. Goodrich
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J. Luke
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🔱 "Never explain yourself to anyone, you don't need anyone's approval. LIVE YOUR LIFE and Do what MAKES YOU HAPPY."
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🔱 "Soy amante del tiempo y por eso me gusta atraparlos y en ese momento si te sientes triste o poco valorado... Ánimo sigue luchando en cualquier momento cambia de color todo no hay enemigo que vencer la victoria es vencer sus propias debilidades, acabar con tus propias limites; cree, sueña, crea, ama y vence"
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🔱 "Ojalá pudiera prometerte el cielo, pero cariño, yo solo se de infiernos."
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🔱 "There is a dark side to every fairytale"
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🔱 The stories we love best live inside us forever.
J.K. Rowling.
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🔱 "We all have scars, we all have stories"
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🔱 "I didn't choose to be this way."
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🔱 "No estoy segura de si estoy deprimida o triste pero no estoy exactamente feliz no puedo, reír ni bromear durante el día pero a veces; Cuando estoy sola en la noche olvidó Cómo sentirme."