- We are your pack swettie
- I can't believe you just made a teen wolf reference

allison bennet a.k.a "the hunter"

girl, actress, and Elle Fanning image high school, teen wolf, and dylan o'brien image book, coffee, and autumn image music, ginger and rosa, and grunge image Elle Fanning, ginger and rosa, and ginger image sad, pills, and grunge image
" I don't need friends, they dissapoint me "

zachary lambert a.k.a "the beta"

spiderman, peter parker, and tom holland image book, harry potter, and autumn image Image removed aesthetic, brown hair, and brunette image tom holland, spiderman, and peter parker image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
"zach stop you're gonna get us in trouble"

brittany harris a.k.a "the alpha"

girl, model, and yg image aesthetic, horror, and videos image archive and theme pics image aesthetic, brown hair, and brunette image lee sung kyung, actress, and korean image aesthetic, sad, and black image
cuz he fuckin pushed me

richard russel a.k.a "the hellhound"

ezra miller, actor, and boy image black, department, and nypd image 35mm, canon, and gold image aesthetic, curly, and boy image batman, Ben Affleck, and Henry Cavill image Image by K Y L I E
i don't have enough money for chicken nuggets

teresa hawley a.k.a "the banshee"

fashion, girl, and beautiful image Image removed fashion, aesthetic, and mannequin image girl, hair, and curly image amandla stenberg image art, aesthetic, and green image
it's an avocadooo... thanks

theo thompson a.k.a "the werecoyote"

boy, lucky blue smith, and model image Inspiring Image on We Heart It piano, music, and aesthetic image boy, model, and tumblr image boy, model, and lucky blue smith image dog, animal, and aesthetic image
what the fuck richard

natasha bennet a.k.a "the kitsune"

riverdale, madelaine petsch, and cheryl blossom image book image Image removed Image by Sunny__ madelaine petsch, riverdale, and cheryl blossom image makeup, beauty, and cosmetics image
oh my god, they were roomates.