Charlotte McLaggen

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Charlotte McLaggen is a 1,73m tall girl with long, brown hair and light blue eyes. Her nose and her cheeks are covered in freckles and a scar appears on her left hand where she cut herself trying to pick up shards from a broken plate.
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On August the 24th 1981 she was born in Bournemouth, a city in the southwest of England. She grew up in a cozy home near the beach which she feels very connected to.


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Charlotte was born to Olivia and Samuel McLaggen two years after her brother Cormac. Samuel McLaggen works as an Auror while Olivia has her own little flower shop. Charlotte and Cormac got along most of the time as children. Only when they got older Charlotte got annoyed at his arrogant behavior more and more. But still Charlotte as well as Cormac really cared and would do anything for one another.

Blood Status

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Both Olivia and Samuel come from wizarding families but they taught their children not to discriminate upon Blood Status

Hogwarts House

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Charlotte was the only one in her family who got sorted into the house of Helga Hufflepuff. At first she was worried about how well she would fit into Hufflepuff after presuming she would be a Gryffindor. But soon she fell in love with the house and it became her second home.


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Charlotte adores cozy clothing like wide jumpers or baggy trousers but also owns countless blouses mostly of pastel colour and loves any kind of jewelry.


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Charlotte loves to relax in bed with some good music and a book. But whenever she is not sleeping or eating she loves to go boxing at the Arena Boxing Club in Bournemoth. To calm down after a session she often plays the Piano or goes into her little garden shed to take care of her homegrown plants.

Hogwarts Pet

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For her 10th Birthday Charlotte got a baby eagle owl called Murrey. He was a loving owl, who never left Charlotte's side.


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Charlotte's wand is made out of cherry wood and a dragon heartstring core. It is almost 30 cm in length and also quite bendy.

Favourite Spells

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Her Patronus is a Tonkinese Cat.

Best Friends

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Aurora Paige
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Jamie Arrington
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Paul Layton
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Amongst the many friends Charlotte made throughout her time at Hogwarts, three ended up being the closest to her. Aurora, or "Rory" was the first person Charlotte met on the Hogwarts Express. Rory was also sorted into Hufflepuff which made the brandnew friends overly excited. The Slytherin student Jamie didn't really have much to do with Charlotte and Rory until one day he accidentally spilled ink over Charlottes robes.Paul was the last one to be introduced to the group. He also had been sorted into Hufflepuff but had a very hard first few weeks since he was muggle-born. One day Charlotte found him sitting at the shore of the Great Lake crying and she immediatly started comforting him. From that day on the four friends were inseparable!


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Alexa Wright (Hufflepuff)
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Knox Thomson (Ravenclaw)
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Rufus Meyers (Ravenclaw)
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From day one Alexa, Rufus and Knox, not wanting to accept muggle-borns made Paul's life worse. Charlotte didn't want to let them get to her friend anymore, so half way into her second year she paid a 16 year old student from Gryffindor to jinx the three. They ended up having to throw up for two weeks straight. Ever since they found out who actually was responsible for their misery they held a grudge against the four friends trying to sabotage them at any time possible.


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Year two: "Uhm,Lottie, isn't that your brother over there?", Paul asked and I immediatly turned my head. Paul was right. Cormac had walked up to a guy in Slytherin robes shouting all kinds of insults in the boys face: "You filthy little rat. If you talk about my family like this once more I swear to you I will end your miserable life." A whole crowd of students joined in on the event but just no teacher seemed to be around. "Wait here,", I said to the others and started walking towards them. Suddenly the Slytherin threw Cormac onto the ground and started to hit him in the face. "Stop" I screamed and had worked my way through the crowd trying to pull the guy off of my brother when all of a sudden a sharp pain shot through my face also sending me onto the grass. "Stop this right now!", it was Professor Snape's voice, but there also was a second voice talking to me: "Hey, are you alright?". I opened my eyes and saw a set of brown eyes staring into mine.
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Charlotte and Theodore Nott started spending more and more time together after the incident with Marcus Flint. Soon though Charlotte found out about Theo's family and their connection to Lord Voldemort and stopped talking to him´for a week. She knew her relationship with the Slytherin was wrong but she couldn't help but feel awful without him. That was the reason why they had to keep their relationship a secret.

Yule Ball

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Charlotte and Jamie went to the Yule Ball together. Even though Charlotte had the best time with her friend she much rather would have spent it with someone else that night.


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Charlotte's Boggart ever since meeting Theodore was his father Darius Nott. Charlotte had always been terrified of him and what he would do to his son if he found out about his secret relationship. In order to keep their relationship hidden Charlotte refused to attempt the Boggart-Banishing-Spell in Professor Lupins class.

After the Battle of Hogwarts

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After the Battle of Hogwarts everything changed for Charlotte. Even though she had to deal with much loss and grief she could finally live out her relationship with Theodore, not having to hide anymore. They got married on October 17th 2000. They had three children together. Two boys and one girl.
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