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One-Piece or Bikini

praia, tropical, and bikini image praia, tropical, and bikini image
I would love to wear a one-piece, but I’m the kind of girl who worry to much about this tan marks

Watermelon ou Stawberry

dog, cute, and animal image summer, watermelon, and fruit image
Watermelon is my favourite fruit in the whole world

Ocean or Pool

resort, tropical, and huts image summer and beach image

Chocolate or Vanilla Ice Cream

cone, dessert, and foodporn image ice cream, photography, and travelling image
To be honest I really like both, but I would prefer ice cream.

Roses or Sunflowers

panda, animal, and flowers image flowers, sunflower, and couple image
Those are the prettiest flowers ever

Swimming or Tanning

girl, summer, and bikini image book, girl, and inspiration image
I'm that person who gets super tanned really fast, and this is my goal every summer, get more tenned than the last year. It's like a competion with myself.

Night In or Night Out

great place and cinema at home image drink, rose, and flowers image
I love both, it depend on the day.

Chill or Party

beach image girl, black and white, and style image
Both again

Beach or Desert

Temporarily removed beach and tropical image
This makes me feel so calm, I need it all year. Lucky me I live right beside the beach.

Ice Cream or Frozen Yoghurt

random and tumblr image Image by ⋆ 𝒟 𝒶 𝒾 𝓃 𝓉 𝒾 𝓃 ℯ 𝓈 𝓈 ⋆

Window or Aisle Seat

flight, travel, and view image america, canada, and clouds image

Carousel ou Roller Coaster

aesthetic image rollercoaster image

Staying Up To Watch The Stars or Wake Up Early For a Walk

galaxy, sky, and stars image Image by abi <3
I’m not a morning person.

Trip To The City or Countryside

paris, travel, and city image country, countryside, and europe image
I grew up in the countryside and that’s amazing, no matter what others say.

Going To The Fair or Bonfire With Friends

aesthetic, carousel, and chernobyl image autumn, fall, and camping image

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