Hello Angels,

I recently had my mom watch a documentary on Netflix called "Plastic Ocean" to really get her to understand that the environment needs our help, that just one person can make a world of a difference and that we all carry a responsibility for the state of our world. And it's an honor.

Many of you have already heard of such things as metal straws and reusable cups, and I thought I'd like to add in a few things that my family and I use to help the environment.

1. Soap Nuts

soap, vegan, and wash image

Soap nuts are seriously amazing! They're these little nuts (all natural) that are actually just dried berries that come from a tree in the Himalayas. They naturally produce their own soap that works really well and that you can use instead of dish soap or even laundry detergent! There's a brand called "Eco Nuts" that include them in little cloth bags, and a small handful of soap nuts could wash up to 360 loads of laundry!

2. Dryer balls

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I got dryer balls at the farmer's market because I wanted to stop buying containers and containers of fabric sheets, and use something that was going to last. These are supposed to be put in your dryer and can make your clothes dry faster, thus conserving energy.

3. Nut Milk Bags

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For those of you who drink nut milk like me, why not make your own? I use a cotton nut milk bags and put my freshly made milk in reusable glass containers and drink it throughout the week. It's fun to make in my opinion, and I feel better not using so many containers with plastic caps.

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The earth needs our help in every way it can get it. Watch documentaries, read stories. Talk to your friends and families and don't forget that you play a huge role in this!


This article was written by @illuminatedangel on the We Heart It Writers Team.