24th of july,2019.

:・゚✧ i'm finally back!! i'm sorry i was missing for 4 day. i opened a video editing account and i've been pretty busy editing.

› growing up is part of all of us. we don't stay kids forever. we become adults, and with time we mature and grow. we also learn many new things.

› from the very first days that you're born on this planet you don't know nothing. but with time you learn how to speak,walk,think... and time passes by fast as you grow older and older.

› growing up you should try and make your childhood better as much as you can!! focus more on the good and positive things and have fun. we all deserve to have a good childhood.

› when your childhood ends you're slowly becoming a adult. you mature, and before you know it you create your life and lead yourself. you make a future for yourself.

› while growing up it's important to know if you have one of those dark times that they pass and that it gets better. and absolutely nothing should stop you from growing up and being happy.


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