group name: faiiries

members: 6 ( 1 French, 2 Japanese, 2 Korean, 1 Italian, 1 Thai)

Violette Cartier (Ivi)
Yu Aere (Aura)
Lee Eunmi (Eunmi)
Rei Hino (Rei)
Luna Dalla Rosa (Rosa)
Min Bora (Bora)
Chuenchai Srisuk (Chu)

fandom: Pixies

company: BigHit

genre: Pop, indie, hiphop

official color: green and silver

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Violette Cartier
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Yu Aere
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Lee Eunmi
girl, korean, and ulzzang image
Rei Hino
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Luna Dalla Rosa
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Min Bora
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Chuenchai Srisuk

Random Facts:
-their debut was 180727
-Aura, Rosa and Chu were discovered by scouts on the streets during busking events or dance competitions
-Eunmi and Bora auditioned and were the only candidetes accepted in that year
-Rei excelled in her school and her teachers took her to an audition
-after becoming trainees they all moved to Seoul and lived together in a very small apartment
-they all write and produce their music
-they all have a matching tattoo

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