Inspired by:

My Fairy Oak character

forest, aesthetic, and nature image girl, beautiful, and hair image

🌹 Name:

flowers, white, and alyssum image flower, purple, and delphinium flower image
Alisso Larkspur

🌹 Appearence:

happiness, happy, and mutluluk image Inspiring Image on We Heart It white image flowers, hair, and hairstyle image

🌹 Style:

Image removed fashion, lace, and pale image clothing, costume, and medieval image barefoot and feet image

Summer and spring

Image by Dracena Image by Princess countryside, fashion, and hair image Image by Dracena
Winter and autumn

🌹 Personality:

quotes, smell, and love image quotes, life, and words image poetry, words, and write image bravery, covers, and heart image quotes, stars, and words image quotes, restless, and anais nin image
Curious, bright, free spirited, kind, altruistic, brave, resolute.

🌹 Hobbies & Likes:

Image by 𝒟ℯ𝓁𝓁𝒾𝒶𝓃𝒶 ℴ𝒻 𝓉𝒽ℯ 𝒮ℯ𝒶 ღ plants, nature, and green image adventure, journey, and map image book, photo, and vintage image

Gardening, exploring the village and the forest and drawing what she sees, playing at the river, studying magic.

🌹 Family:

Mother: Anthea Veiove

Image by 𝕷𝖀𝕹𝕬 Inspiring Image on We Heart It Temporarily removed Inspiring Image on We Heart It
A beautiful witch from a far away land. Fiery and kind of mysterious with a passion for travelling. Owns an apothecary shop.

Father: Oleander Larkspur

Image by the Authoress book, vintage, and brown image gardening, herbs, and seeds image autumn, boy, and brown image

A calm, kind and studious man. Botany enthusiast and book lover. Works at the library. Magical of the Light.

Brother: Alder Larkspur

beautiful, bed, and floral image boy, photography, and back image Image by YAROSLAVA MAISTRENKO avocado, chocolate, and flower image
Alisso's younger brother. Has a huge sweet tooth. Magical of the Dark

Aunt: Gardenia Nettle (née Larkspur)

beautiful, hair, and aesthetic image food, cupcake, and raspberries image aesthetic and flowers image flower image

Optimistic, pragmatic, level-headed. Married to Sycomore Nettle. Alder inherited his powers from her.

🌹 House:

forest, house, and nature image flowers, aesthetic, and cottagecore image
Outside the town walls, behind the orchards and the fields, a the edge of the forest. A pretty house made of stones, half covered in wild roses and surrounded by a beautiful garden.
house, kitchen, and rustic image design, lovely, and art image
Kitchen and dining room
fireplace, home, and pillow image home image
Living room
aesthetic, nature, and cottagecore image garden, green, and greenhouse image
The greenhouse
Image by Le Cirque des Rêves. bed, bedroom, and room image
Alisso's room

🌹 Some more things about her:

girl, nature, and green image nature, tree, and forest image aesthetic, it, and eddie kaspbrak image Darkness, girl, and hair image
Behind her serene appearance and polite demeanor she has a wild, daring, adventurous side.

🌹 Romantic interest:

man, red hair, and short hair image gilbert blythe, anne, and cute image bird, animal, and indie image snow, winter, and aesthetic image
Myrtus Ironwort

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