1. favorite band

heartbreak, sad, and thoughts image band, music, and lany image
lany <3 i loooooooove lany and pretty much all of their songs. aand paul klein is just !!! (i also just discovered wallows, and i'm pretty obsessed with their music too ngl. and i love the neighborhood too)

2. celebrity you would marry if you were given the chance

shawn mendes image boys, shawn, and tumblr image
shawn mendes :) that was the easiest one. no need for explanations.

3. celebrity you would turn lesbian for

madison beer, singer, and madison image madison beer, girl, and style image
it's ridiculous how pretty she is

4. favorite actress

lily collins image 90s, julia roberts, and Notting Hill image
i have tons but lily collins and julia roberts are the main ones. oh and i also love love love blake lively :)

5. first celebrity crush

jonas brothers, Joe Jonas, and kevin jonas image zac efron, high school musical, and HSM image
probably zac efron or a jonas brother. can't remember for sure

6. celebrity who you would like to kiss in a movie scene

tom holland and spiderman image tom holland, spiderman, and peter parker image
who wouldn't want to kiss spider man, right? lol

7. celebrity you would love to trade lives with

boys, connor brashier, and photographer image shawn mendes, boy, and singer image
i'm not sure if he's considered a celebrity but if you don't who connor is, he's shawn's tour photographer and he studies psychology at ucla. pretty much my dream life.

8. favorite disney star

selena gomez, black and white, and selena image sabrina carpenter, actress, and singer image
wizards of waverly place is the best disney show of all time. and i absolutely love selena. i didn't really keep up with sabrina when she was on disney but i really like her.

9. celebrity you would love to be best friends with

Mature image zendaya, beauty, and celebrity image
i loveee zendaya. she's so funny, inspiring and she seems really down to earth. i think she would be a great person to have around.

10. favorite song writer

julia michaels image boy, christian, and grey image
julia michaels. inner monologue is one of my favorite albums ever. (both parts lol)

11. celebrity i would like to bring back to life

heath ledger, 90s, and boy image beautiful, boy, and rip image
two talented souls who were taken way too soon :(

12. celebrity from favorite tv show

friends and joey tribbiani image friends, food, and Joey image
matt leblanc. joey is my favorite character :)

13. celebrity you would do anything to meet

selena gomez, header, and icon image shawn mendes, boy, and shawn image
i would love to meet everyone i mentioned in this but these two have my heart.

14. celebrity whose concert you would love to go to

aesthetic, best friend, and coachella image alternative, alternative music, and indie image
rex orange county!!!! he's probably my favorite singer of all time and i think i would just burst of happiness :)

15. celebrity whose wardrobe you would love to own

actresses, hair, and Hot image Image removed
i know that rachel green is a fictional character but there's just no other answer, sorry

16. a celebrity whose voice you would love to own

aesthetic, billie eilish, and finneas image aesthetic, singer, and white image
i get chills with her voice honestly

17. celebrity i have seen in concert

Image by 0229 concert, divide, and idol image
may 2017. it was incredible.

18. celebrity you would love to interview

art, beautiful boy, and cinema image timothee chalamet, call me by your name, and boy image
timothee chalamet. i love him sm and i find so cute how nervous he gets in interviews and how humble he is.

19. celebrity you would invite over for dinner

Marvel, Avengers, and endgame image thor, Avengers, and captain america image
i feel like having dinner with any avenger would be pretty interesting.

20. a celebrity who you think is a role model

everyone above <3