Hi!!, I wanted to write this article because I wish I could say I'm a morning person and I wake up at 6:00 am in the summer, but I'm not, I'm a really lazy person and my morning routine starts at 12:00 pm so here we go, I hope you like it!

Since summer started I got used to waking up at 12 PM
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I don't really like to check my phone in the mornings, I just check the time and get up.
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I like to do simple stretches in the mornings, that makes me feel more relaxed.
I go to the bathroom
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I do my skincare routine and then I take a shower.
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I usually have cereal and make coffee for breakfast, I know a weird combination.
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Then I watch youtube videos for a couple of hours, mostly David Dobrik vlogs.
Rare occasions.
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And sometimes, when people decide to invite me somewhere I get ready to go out, but that's rare :).

That's it for today's article, I know it wasn't the aesthetic morning routine you expected, but I hope you liked and enjoyed!

À bientôt -XV

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