Summer is often associated with traveling. It is, of course, nice to go abroad during summer breaks, but if you not have the time or budget to go to a different country, you have no less possibility to have a little adventure. Why not have a vacation at home? In this article I'll give you some inspiration on budget and climate friendly vacays - staycations!

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Hometown staycation

Have you ever stayed at a hotel in your own city? This is a very easy way of spending some true quality time with a loved one, a friend, or just with yourself! Book a night or two at a nice hotel, maybe have dinner at a restaurant you haven't tried before, and voilá - it's a vacation!

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Who doesn't love a hotel breakfast?

Nearby staycation

Have you really visited the nearby cities, and by that I mean really visited? If you haven't seen more than the city center or just a specific part, why not discover it! Take a day trip, visit museums or the harbour, or whatever there is to see. Buy an ice cream and just relax at a fountain or a bench - or why not rent a bike and cruise down the streets?

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There is so much to explore in a new city

Longer staycation

If you are familiar with the areas close to your hometown, you could go for a staycation a bit more far away. Take the night train and wake up in a different city. You can come quite a bit over just one night, and you save money since you don't need to stay at a hotel fot that night. When you arrive, start your day by having a lovely breakfast and plan your day.

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The train ride is an adventure in itself

Other ideas for staycations

  • Go to a spa
  • Stay at a hotel with a theme
  • Road trip
  • Go to the ocean
  • Rent an apartment from Air BnB

If you seek more inspiration, look into my collections for some more adventures. Enjoy your staycation!

Have a lovely day!