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"i like myself (most of the time)", recently released by k. flay ♥

"everybody want to be the girl
everybody wants to be extraordinarily beautiful"
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in our society, especially in the media, optimizing faces with camouflaging and accentuating has become the norm for women and it sometimes almost feels like an obligation. and that is very, very fucked up.
the beauty standards presented in classic media like magazines or television as well as the social media are constantly rising and even on a subconscious level that really screws around with our self-perception, our perceived self-worth and our idea of beauty.

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while men are still considered attractive without mascara, contouring, eyebrow shaping, shimmer on the lids and cheekbones or coloured lips, the beauty standards for women have never been so far away from what humans naturally look like.

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our body hair is looked upon as disgusting which lowkey forces us to spend a fortune on a lifelong supply of razors and shaving creams.
countless lotions are sold to get rid of natural things like cellulite, stretch marks, scars and of course acne - making people insecure to convince them that they can't be happy without sheding the natural appearance of their skin, that they can't be happy unless they hide their real face behind layers and layers of expensive (and usually damaging) products - that's a very lucrative business.

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a 532 billion dollar business that profits from ingraining insecurities in our minds,
that's enriching some people at the expense of our mental and physical health.
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makeup isn't good for anyone.

  • not for the people who produce it (like the children who have to mine the glitter aka mica that's in our highlighter, lipstick or eyeshadow)
  • not for your skin (foundation and such alike is accumulating and clogging your pores)
  • not for your overall health (the amount of carcinogenic ingredients in cosmetics is
  • not for your self-perception (trying to reach perfection can never end well)
  • not for our society as a whole that is continuously becoming more and more superficial and materialistic
some rant about the toxic materialism that is taking over

the only ones who benefit from our insane consumption of makeup products are the companies who sell it to us.

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here's a pretty dope video that touches on most of these issues by one of my favourite youtubers that you NEED to watch:

so now let me tell you some of the reasons why i want to boycott makeup.

it's been a long journey for me and for most of my life i have been convinced that makeup is this super cool thing that supports "self-expression" and that i'm just "doing it for myself" and so on...
so i totally understand anyone who believes that makeup is a good thing.
but hear me out.

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it makes society (and you!) superficial

people should care more about what they say, think, feel, experience and if their personality is "on fleek", not if their eyeliner and eyebrows are on fleek.

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your confidence and happiness depends on a perfect fake mask

been there, done that. for most of my early teenage years i felt extremely insecure when going outside without makeup. and i never want to go back to this addiction again.

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your skin wants to tell the truth about your wellbeing and you shut it up

it's so easy to cover the symptoms of a poor lifestyle like dark circles, acne and dull skin and therefore running from dealing with the underlying problems. this might sound mean because i understand it's not always your fault if you have acne etc. but certainly covering it with paint will only make it worse.

my breakouts and dark pores have gotten so much better after i stopped using makeup.
best skincare hack ever!
you don't need to buy more products to get rid of your skin struggles, you just have to get rid of those products! ;)

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makeup won't help you to be liked (it will only get you attention from jerks)

last year i came into a new class and i planned on impressing all these new people by making a flawless first impression.
but even though i wore my cutest and coolest outfits and spend at least half an hour every morning to create a perfect makeup look - it didn't help me at all to be liked.
but after i decided to drop that fake mask, it felt like people were attracted to me magnetically and i had countless funny conversations with them.
there is a reason behind this.
first of all, i didn't seem like the inapproachable ice queen anymore.
i looked like a chill girl that knows how to have fun and has a lot of deep stuff to say.
i simply looked like myself ;)
the other reason why makeup won't help you to be liked is...

people aren't drawn to perfection in others.
embracing your flaws makes you way more relatable.
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anyway, i have to make a little disclaimer here.
what i mean by "embracing your flaws" has a lot to do with confidence.
and if you see people with makeup or who are just born pretty (by society's definition) and they seem to attract a lot of friends and are always having fun, it's not because of their looks.
really, it isn't.
it's because of their confidence.
and this can, as i have mentioned above, have to do with being convinced that you're looking good (with makeup).

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beauty goes so much deeper than skin level.
so let your inner glow shine, girl you don't need no highlighter for that.
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xx, a random girl from the internet

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