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Favourite Band

Image removed Image by arzu

Celebrity you would marry if given the chance

shawn mendes, boy, and tattoo image
shawn mendes image senorita, shawn mendes, and camilla cabello image
Shawn Mendes

Celebrity you would turn gay/lesbian for

ariana grande image
Ariana Grande

Favourite Actress

Image by Celebsplanet lily collins, black and white, and actress image tvd, bonnie bennett, and witch image Image by Beta Zeta
Jennifer Lawrence, Lilly Collins, Kat Graham, Sandra Bullock

The celebrity who was your first crush

chad michael murray, cinderella story, and freaky friday image
Chad Michael Murray

Celebrity you would like to kiss in a movie scene

cole sprouse, riverdale, and boy image Image by Andrea (•–•)
Cole Sprouse

Celebrity you would like to trade lives with

Image removed
Nina Dobrev

Favourite Disney stars

zendaya, pink, and actress image Image removed cameron boyce image ross lynch, boy, and music image
Zendaya, Selena Gomez, Cameron Boyce, Ross Lynch

Celebrity you would like to be best friends with

alessia cara image alessia cara image
Alessia Cara

Favourite songwriter

banner, hayley, and hayley williams image
blue, concert, and happy image Image by arzu
Hayley Williams

Actress from favourite movie

julia roberts and 90s image
Julia Roberts- "Pretty Woman"

Actor from favourite TV-Show

Image removed
Ian Somerhalder- "The Vampire Diaries"

Celebrity you would do anything to meet

Image removed actress, songwriter, and strong image
Demi Lovato

Celebrity whose concert you would like to go to

5sos image
dog, happy, and mike image 5 seconds of summer, 5sos, and calum hood image
5 Seconds of Summer

Celebrity you would like to bring back to life

artist, famous, and legend image
Whitney Houstan

Celebrity you would like to have dinner with

Image removed
Saoirse Ronan

Celebrity whose voice you would love to have

Image by arzu Avril Lavigne, belleza, and elegante image
Avril Lavigne

Celebrity whose wardrobe you would love to own

riverdale, ícones, and veronica image
Camila Mendes

Celebrity you would love to interview

billie eilish and billie image
Billie Eilish

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