Day 23

If your character doesn't go to school anymore, what is her job, where is it, how is the building from the outside and the inside? If she goes to school, describe where it is, and how it looks like from the outside and the inside.

Megโ€™s High-School is situated in the centre of Providence. The school is in a quite old building with a brick front and was renovated a few years ago. In front of the school building are a couple of trees which have a beautiful colour during the autumn-time.

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Because a lot of the students live in the suburbs the High-School has a huge parking area for the school buses. The school is also known for their amazing football-games and other sport events which they owe to their huge sports field.

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Between the classes the students usually spend their free time in the spacious hallways of the school and during lunch time the students can eat their food in the big cafeteria or on the outside of the building.

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Meg favourite places in the whole school building are probably the small art-centre and the gigantic library, in which the girl loves to spend her time alone or during a secret date with Tom.

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This is all for day twenty three. Thank you so much for reading my article and I really hope you liked it. See you on Wednesday.

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