August is the month when summer begins to be getting closer to autumn, although it is still too hot for living in the cities middle of the buildings! It is much better to be near the seas and under the trees in August. Watermelon, ripe melon, sweet corn on the cob, and blueberries are just a few of the gifts of August. August is also the canning season at the same time, which is the time to prepare and put on the fridge the fresh summer vegetables for consuming them in winter.

It is the very common vacation season that people want to take a long break before summer ends and the September comes. September is usually defined as a month of the increasing the work load density continues till the end of year. Therefore, it is the good time to freshen and become ready to work harder by pausing the responsibilities for a while.

It is very important to plan the month of August before arriving. What else will be done in that month? Are there celebrations, birthdays, weddings, special invitations? Will there be meetings, seminars, business events? Get an August 2019 calendar with holidays in your hand and fill in the days of August and see the free days first. Then do your holiday research according to your vacancies, or even complete your reservations, at least pre-bookings if possible. Now it’s time to put a huge “vacation” mark on your August 2019 calendar template! You see, just doing it has increased your motivation, right? A printable calendar is more than a piece of paper. It makes you target-oriented, orderly and purposeful.