hey love

there are lots of amazing movies out there and some of you are missing out, truly. so behold the list of some fantastic films i bestow upon you, lets get to it

1) Her: this movie is set slightly into the future of LA, this man who is a writer, and a really beautiful one, falls in love with an artificial entity. i know it sounds crazy but what's wrong with a little crazy?

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Her on Netflix

2) About Time: it's about a man who's from london and has a family, one day he is told by his dad that the men in his family can time travel. he uses this ability to find someone he falls in love with. it's so good

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About Time on Netflix

3) Good Will Hunting: now who doesn't love a movie with young matt damon and robin williams? this movie is about a young man from south boston who grew up poor and had a bad influence with the gifted potential of mathematical equations

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Good Will Hunting on Netflix

4) I, Tonya: i love documentaries about anyone who's famous whether for a sport or music and this movie depicts that. it's about a woman who faces the challenges and pressure of pursuing a famous ice skating career while growing up with an abusive mother and marrying an abusive man, check it out

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I, Tonya on Hulu

5) P.S I Love You: this movie is sad but has a happy ending, everyone loves that. it's about a woman who lost her husband to a brain tumor and he leaves her little important letters that take her on a journey. it's cute

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P.S I Love You on Netflix

6) Boyhood: this movie was filmed for 10 years, it's really amazing. the title speaks for itself, it's about a boy who goes through difficult and happy moments in his life and we get to see him grow up, literally

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Boyhood on Netflix

7) Philadelphia: another amazing duo; tom hanks and denzel washington. this movie is about a man who works at a law firm and is secretly gay, and doesn't talk about it with his colleagues, until he contracts AIDS and the law firm fires him, it's up to joe miller to serve him and his family justice, pretty cool right?

Philadelphia image
Philadelphia on Netflix

8) The Theory of Everything: this movie breaks my already broken heart but i love it. most of you had probably heard of this movie, if not what the hell are you doing. it's a biography about stephen hawkings and his life changing career and family

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The Theory of Everything on Netflix

9) V For Vendetta: the movie is brilliant. it's set in london, under a very totalitarian government. a man that identifies himself as "V" is a masked rebellious fighter who meets an unpredictable friend and together fight for freedom of their people

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V For Vendetta on Netflix

10) To The Bone: this movie is a real eye opener. it talks about mental illness and food eating disorders. it stars lily collins and it's about how she goes through an eating disorder with a group of people who are going through similar things and it talks about her journey, it's really sweet

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To The Bone on Netflix

and those are some amazing must see movies to watch on netflix, it's a shame to those who don't have netflix, if i could provide it to everyone i would, i just have to get rich first. enjoy these movies if you watch them and let me know which one's your favorite