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I am a sucker for any cheesy stage effects, so when the boys came out in matching black outfits on platforms, I was instantly hooked.

Then they started their choreography and I was over the moon. They had four outfit changes (each matching) and loads of dancing. It made for an aesthetically pleasing show. Right off the bat, you can tell they’ve had training on their image and how they interact with the crowd, it was all very minimal and rehearsed. Which was my only critique of the show; I felt there was a lack of interaction with the audience.
Everything else was amazing. The group sounded great, their choreography was fluid ( I particularly loved their mic choreography), and they all had significant unique stage presences. My friend and I were dancing to every song.

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They opened with "Trust Fund Baby", which got the crowd moving and dancing immediately, and flowed from one danceable track to the next. They wrapped up the show with an encore of "I Don’t Belong In This Club," it was a great way to wrap up their set. They displayed Macklemore on the screen backdrop, and every person in the audience was singing along. It felt wrapped perfectly, with a bow on top.

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Most of the audience was younger, in middle school or some cases in elementary school, with their mom’s also rocking merch. It made me nostalgic of the first time I saw One Direction as a middle schooler. The practically palpable excitement, every single person knew every single word to every song, and I felt close to each person in the audience. I’m sure the fans in attendance felt the same way I did, and I hope they hold onto it, as it is an incredibly special feeling.

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The concert was beautiful, well-curated, and it’s a fun show to go to if one has the opportunity.

Recommended tracks:
✭ Trust fund baby
✭ I don’t belong in this club
✭ Why don’t we just
✭ Hooked

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