warning: really bad english. its not my native language so.. i check google translate ( we know that its pretty shitty right.. but anyway this is my opinion and i dont hate Hermione or artist who draw her black/white etc.) OLD but still "popular" debate if is Hermione black or white.. and dont send me any hate in messages

so first off i dont hate black hermione ( mentioned above) but i hate when ppl pretends that Rowling describe her (Hermione) as a black girl when she is white. She just wants to get Kudos.. like with gay Dumbledore "It wAsnT iMpORtANt To THe StORy" well i am not the right person to talks about that ( maybe i will who knows)

well first off all: "Hermiones WHITE FACE"
there is also version from my country ( slovakia) again.. also hermiones WHITE SKIN

fan arts with black hermione and/or Indian harry are great dont get me wrong.. but dont ignore the canon fact that Rowlings hermione is white and not black.. ( i am saying this to ppl who defends rowling " she said that she is BLAAACK")

buuut... It would be interesting how people will react to a black hermoine being called "mud blood".. then Rowling would be called racist right? ( also she made an homophobic "joke" in.. idk which book but it was a year later after cedric death so...)

I wouldn't mind Hermione being black if she was that from the beginning but instead she was white on every book cover, she was white in the movies etc. and her now being played by a black person, no matter how good that person is, makes her a different character than I'm used to. The continuity is messed up and I felt the exact same way about when they turned Lavender Brown, who was black, into a white girl. Surely they could've found a black actress that could've performed her role. I don't think anyone is angry that Hermione is black I think people are upset because they're suddenly told that a character that they've been imagining and seeing one way all this time suddenly is supposed to be different and they're supposed to just accept that or be called racist. her white. Continuity, it does matter.

*Meanwhile Kingsly Shacklebolt and Dean WERE black characters in canon, but Rowling gave them very insignificant roles in the plot. So much so, I can't even remember if it was Kingsly or Dean who was the obligatory "token black Gryffindor student" in the background.

so i have no problem with black Hermi i would be glad if there was more black student in the school but ya know.. its too late change something.. You can draw whatever u want but dont claim that Hermi was black from the beginning..