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Cultural Appropriation: the unacknowledged or inappropriate adoption of the customs, practices, ideas, etc. of one people or society by members of another and typically more dominant people or society.
Example: "his dreadlocks were widely criticized as another example of cultural appropriation."

I honestly don't know what to title this article....
These are photos of Chenle from NCT Dream with cornrows. Cultural appropriation is common in the Kpop community and many people have been doing it lately in certain groups. I don't think that Chenle is racist and I've never seen him appropriate black culture until now. Lots of NCT members are problematic for saying the n-word appropriating black culture, colorism, etc but Dream members haven't made me feel uncomfortable in any way. I feel that Chenle should apologize and 100% understand that what he has done is wrong. Whether it was his idea or the hairstylist wanted to braid his hair, he should still apologize and never do it again. SM has been doing this for years with many of their groups and certain members. I know that Dream listens to rap music and is influenced by black artists, but that's not an excuse to appropriate black culture. I have dropped many groups and stopped liking many solo artists because they refuse to educate themselves about why this is not okay. I know that Dream does like problematic groups who have done very offensive things like EXO, Super Junior, etc. I don't see any twitter posts about this and the only Instagram post I've seen is the one above. I'm disappointed because I feel like I can't enjoy the group as a whole when I know that Chenle has done this. If you want to unfollow me go ahead, but just a PSA any problematic members/solo artists of any genre of music will not be on this page. I'm tired of seeing ignorant things like this happen especially to people who I think are really nice. I hoped that NCT Dream would continue to be a group that I loved because they seemed to be accepting and really talented. I just don't know where I stand with Chenle. I still think he's a good person and I'm gonna keep listening to Dream, but Chenle was wrong. NCT knows that they have black nctzens and for certain members to be problematic and act like we don't exist or won't get offended is wrong. I think that most of this is SM's fault because the company allows behavior like this to happen and even wants their artists to do problematic things. SM has a long list of things that they have done to NCT and how badly they treat them, so this is no surprise. Lots of black kpop stans try to educate artists on why cultural appropriation is wrong, but they just get ignored. Many artists make up excuses or get defended by their fandoms for this, but I want this to stop. There are many amazing kpop groups who respect their fans regardless of who they are. NCT is a group that I have been with for a long time, so seeing this feels like such a waste of time because it keeps happening. Cultural appropriation isn't something to disregard or brush under the rug. Even if you aren't offended by it or don't understand doesn't mean that it isn't wrong/offensive. Here are some articles about cultural appropriation & problematic members/why it's wrong/how it relates to the kpop community:

So here is the teaser for NCT Dream's comeback:
Once again, if you think that Chenle isn't wrong for appropriating black culture, leave my page. Black people are saying in the comments "his hair looks great." "I'm black and I don't care if he wears cornrows." Allowing someone else to appropriate your culture because you don't see the importance in it is wrong. Everyone should be educated on why cultural appropriation is wrong because it happens to more than just black people. If you are not black, you can't speak about how black culture relates to you. It doesn't. Comments like "I don't see the problem with it" don't help the situation because you have no say in what black people find offensive. The only way that Chenle will understand that cultural appropriation is wrong is if black nctzens educate him and tell him to apologize. If people continue to defend him and ignore the situation, he will continue to do things like this.
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