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Today as you see by the title we are traveling in time with the Marauders plus two of their classmates Lilly Evans and Severus Snape.

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Remus Lupin // Moony

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Remus loves chocolate so much, smart kid at Hogwarts,doesn't like full moon days, booklover, likes to hear music from vinyls, he has a blog where he writes "animal adventures", a series of articles that tell funny stories of a group of friends, has an emergency blanket in his backpack, anger issues, complains about the muggle government , loves his slip-on vans because he hates laces with his life, doesn't have social medias,tired AF, has a selfie with Sirius as wallpaper and has Thriller by Michael Jackson as ringtone.

Peter Pettigrew // Wormtail

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Peter favorite activity is eating, he is a foodie for life, loves to bake, kinda cute but kinda annoying type of person, likes to play board games with his friends, Ed Sheeran's fanboy, smol bean, loves sleep, likes to talk with strangers at restaurants, fear of spiders and death, believes in Facebook ads, converse sneakers are his religion, has the company default wallpaper along with the ringtone.

Sirius Black // Padfoot

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Sirius loves his combat boots with his life, brags about having sex with half of Hogwarts but he is a virgin, tweets sassy stuff, hate when people called him puppy, buys hello kitty band-aids for Remus and keep them in his back pack, loves chocolate pudin, long hair is his religion, Instagram influencer, smoke just for fun and be cool, kind AF, prankster buddies and best friend 4ever with James, has a crush with Camila Cabello,has a selfie with Remus as wallpaper and My Blood by Twenty One Pilots as ringtone.

James Potter // Prongs

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James is a chaser at quidditch, jerk with a good heart, shortness of sight, flirting 24/7, send nudes to Lily at 3 am and then having panic attacks, Netflix sucker, prankster buddies and best friend 4ever with Sirius, hates Severus bc he spend to much time with his crush, Shawn Mendes fanboy, plaid lover, wants to be a rockstar, his favorite superhero is Iron man cause he is rich AF, his friends means the world, has a photo with his pals as walpaper and Youth by Shawn Mendes and Khalid as ringtone.

Lily Evans

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Lily loves vintage clothes, Sev BFF, super smart, sunflower kiddo, has a crush on James but he is the most annoying person ever, booklover, never fails any test, write post it notes with cute and supportive messages, her favorite tv show is Friends, empathy queen, team of everyone deserves a second chance, Intagram sucker, has a selfie with Severus as wallpaper and Loving Someone by The 1975 as ringtone.

Severus Snape

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Severus likes to go to the forbidden forest to chill out, emo kid, master at potions, adores black clothes, pretend to be punk rock but he loves Taylor Swift's songs, has a big crush on a girl but she's Gryffindor, Lily's BFF, uses a special shampoo for greasy hair, likes to buy shit from wish, doesn't likes animals, has R U mine? by Arctic Monkeys as ringtone and a selfie with Lily as wallpaper.

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